Symbolics Development


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This section provides information about LISP and associated development software

and utilities running on Symbolics machines under Genera, a fully object-oriented

operating system and development environment developed by Symbolics Inc.

Genera was developed in the early eighties and it was initially released only on

dedicated hardware Symbolics LISP machines. The latest version 8.3, the most

complete implementation of LISP for Symbolics machines with respect to the ANSI

Common LISP Standard, was replaced in the late nineties by openGenera, a 8.5

release ported onto general purpose hardware platforms, i.e onto Alpha processor

based workstations running Tru64 UNIX, by emulating the Ivory processor of the

late Symbolics XL400, XL1200 and NXP1000 LISP machines.

This section details the steps required to boot Genera on Ivory based Symbolics

machines, the way to control the NXP1000 cold load stream, and how to access

Genera both from the local Intranet and the Internet. In detail, the following issues

are covered:


Configure serial port parameters to control the FEP


Prepare FEP files required to boot Symbolics Genera


Access Genera on a NXP1000 from a host on the Intranet


Restore a Genera Distribution CD-ROM via PC and Mac


Build an IDS World based on a Genera Distribution World


Build a complete World on a customer-supplied SCSI Disk


Configure Secure Shell Identification using ssh-keygen


Control LAN and Symbolics workstations from anywhere


Access Genera through an X proxy server on your LAN

Access Genera from a remote computer via the Internet

X Forwarding

Access Genera via plain SSH Remote Port Forwarding

In addition, screenshots of the most important applications and utilities of Symbolics

Genera 8.3 are outlined.